Golf Advisory and Concierge Service

At Mint Greens, we work with senior executives at companies of all sizes – from global bluechips to one-man consultancies – to help maximise golf's value to their business.

With social distancing measures set to be in place for the foreseeable future, business golf provides a welcome solution for executives looking to reconnect safely with their clients and colleagues – our article on 'Reconnecting' provides further thoughts.

As a Mint Greens client, we would work with you to help shape your golfing strategy. We’d advise how best to match your golfing plans to your business ambitions, and then set about tailoring and organising all your golfing activity. In the process, our partnerships with leading golf clubs will afford you exclusive terms of access and our concierge team will save you countless hours of work. It’s fair to say, golf will never have worked harder for your business - right now and in the years to come.

Drawn from a wide range of sectors including finance, insurance, media, construction, property, law and IT, our clients also enjoy access to an exclusive events programme and executive lunches, as well as benefiting from personal introductions.

If you use golf for business, we would welcome the opportunity to explain how our service can work for you. Please contact enquiries@mintgreens.com for further information.